The Ansbach golf course is one of the most tradition-rich golf courses in the region, and it has not lost its familial charm - it now has 500 members. Here, at least during the week, there are still no waiting and standing times. The golf course is nestled at the foot of the old Hohenzollernburg, alongside the acropolis hill. After the first holes, which are pretty demanding, you see the highest part of the course on the fourth section. The ascent is stunning: the Altmühltal unfolds
majestically in its full beauty and serenity in front of the beholder. You can catch your breath here and finally leave daily routine behind you. And, following solid concentration and a swing, when the ball soars down into the valley the player is reminded of the real fascination of the game of golf. The player with scoring ambitions should not let himself get distracted by the scenery for too long though if he wants to ensure the best starting position for the following holes!
Golfclub Ansbach